About R2b Media

R2b Media Ltd is a digital publishing company providing content, applications and consultancy solutions.

Launched in 2000 the company has successfully grown within key sectors notably professional services.

One of the firm’s core developments has been the creation of smartphone applications for business that have proven popular with .
Our clients use our service to ensure that their customers are regularly informed on key areas of interest.

Why R2b?

Our clients use our service to ensure that their customers are regularly informed on key areas of interest.
We save our clients valuable time, effort and costs by producing professional, easily understood content.
We work in partnership with firms across the UK as an extension of the marketing function rather than a “stand alone” supplier of services.
Innovation and flexibility are critical for our clients in helping to win and retain new customers. R2b offer both in delivery of sector specific data providing an ability to compete with organization’s many times the size of our clients.

The firm can offer a full range of support services to the professional sector, email support@resource2b.com or complete our enquiry form for more information.

Who’s Behind R2b?

David is the Managing Director of R2b Media.

R2b simply stands for Resource to Business.  We were one of the very first digital companies to adopt the resourcing of skilled talent from across the World.  For over 20 years R2b has delivered high quality, value driven outcomes that delight clients.  It’s a fluid, flexible approach that has enabled large and small scale projects to be delivered on time, on budget but beyond the scope of the brief to delight R2b’s clients.

David’s career began with international financial services marketing, creating and launching the MoneyGram brand in the early 90’s. He moved on to become head of marketing for US technology company AT&T.

In 2020 David founded HReSource, a collaborative community network that is helping business owners and executives navigate their way out of the challenges Covid-19 has presented.  

Within HReSource David hosts a regular podcast, webinar and invites content contributions from the growing network.

As a business author he has written several a very well received guides on marketing and hr management.