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The idea for Ouch! as a brand to be used by a law firm was one created by R2b MD David Laud.  The concept is simple, what is the first thing you say if your in pain – ok, perhaps it might be an “X” rated word but common parlance refers to “Ouch”. 

The UK’s £4bn Personal Injury market is consolidating with major players featured in the top 100 law firms and boutique offerings making an impact through the effective implementation of technology.
The sector has long been criticised and subjected to negative campaigns. On occasion some of that criticism may have been justified but the amateurish behaviour has abated and a professional approach to the work has become the norm.
The greatest challenge faced by operators in this space is one of identity and brand presence.  In the digital age we no longer need to rely on heavy duty and hugely expensive above the line advertising but as yet no single firm has established itself as the primary point of call when someone suffers an injury or incident that was of someone else’s making.
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Ouch! Is a registered trademark created by digital marketer and ex law firm CEO David Laud. 
The brand has had two previous outings helping to create a healthy enquiry flow and ranking in awareness alongside firms spending 10x the budget.
Ouch! successfully delivered returns on each occasion however its true potential has yet to be realised.
Creative Concept and Brand Proposition
What do we all do when we hurt ourselves?  OK we might curse but the common cry is “Ouch!” 
‘Ouch!’ is used in writing to represent the noise that people make when they suddenly feel pain. [Collins Dictionary]
It therefore seems an obvious choice as a brand for a firm seeking to create impact and reach an audience who are sharing in that current state of pain.

Why Ouch?

The “no win no fee” hard sell suited lawyer look has been overplayed and as result trust amongst the client base has been left at a low point.  With fewer firms now advertising so extensively, margins being ever tighter, the opportunity to introduce an impactful, flexible and memorable character who could be used to highlight specific cases seemed ideal.
Ollie has the potential to become a viral sensation in his own right.  Many of us will remember the late Dave Prowse as the “Green Cross Code” man. Whilst he cut an impressive figure, Ollie offers an alternate approach but nonetheless memorable.  Instructional public service style announcements delivering core messages for the brand owners would hit a clear note, tapping into childhood memories and for the younger generation a retro, analogue version of marketing that feels friendlier and more approachable than chatbots, SMS texts and call centres. 
The thought with Ollie is that he should always have an overarching message of care and concern for others.  He advocates health and safety, how to prevent injury so as being a hero in that sense and more often than not taking one for the team to make his point.
The next question must be how that word is portrayed. A fan of the pop art style of Roy Lichtenstein, David Laud was drawn to the vivid colours of a comic book “call out” similar to “Pow” “Pop” or “Varooom”.  There’s also the connection with 1960’s TV depiction of superhero crimefighter Batman and the splashes of copy that accompanied the action scenes. 
From there the thoughts moved to the creation of a well meaning but somewhat hapless character.  A very average human, slightly overweight, thinning hair and accident prone.  Ollie could easily demonstrate the various challenges someone may get themselves into and in a slightly lighthearted way get the serious message of compensation over to his audience.

Here's a short introduction to health & safety hero Ollie....

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